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A standard computer forensic expert will generally give up when a faulty, unreadable or physically damaged hard drive is encountered. The key difference in choosing I.Tech Forensics for your computer forensic needs is that we are able to recover data in a forensically sound manner from these cases too We are not only specialized at locating electronic evidence, restoring deleted files, identifying hidden data and extracting password protected information, we also have the ability to restore many types of malfunctioning media.

For litigation purposes, our digital investigators preserve and maintain electronic data in accordance to the National Institute of Standards and Technology ("NIST") thus ensuring admissibility in court. Our experts perform in-depth technical analysis of electronic evidence, as well as present these findings in an easily understandable manner.


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I.TECH COMPUTERS specialises in recovering data from drives damaged under water and fire. This expertise along with years of experience adds greater success in various computer forensic investigations. Hence I.TECH can recover lost data from virtually all situations, operating systems and storage media.

I.TECH follows a No Data No charge policy, generating quotations within as less as 3 working hours after thorough evaluation and offering 24/7 service options, which makes it a company to trust. I.TECH`s dedicated investment in R&D, propriety tools clean labs and equipment, used by well experienced engineers help recovering data with maximum efficiency and security.